Complementary to your offer, adaptive and innovative learning modules to address the needs of mixed digital and book learning resources, allowing to address the need for differentiation of teachers and institutions.


Our innovation is based
on a unique combination of :

Sciences cognitives

Based on recent research in cognitive science, our innovative modules are tailored to your content and complement your collections.

Intelligence artificielle

Interactive and engaging modules for personalised learning using artificial intelligence.

Interface UX

Time saving for the teacher thanks to dashboards that gather and present useful data for the implementation of a differentiation strategy.


Your success
= our success

We support every customer
on their innovation projects to
enrich their collections :

Assesment of the need

  • - Scope & targeting
  • - Functionality
  • - Adaptation/Localisation
  • - Skills
  • - Branding
Analyse du besoin
Analyse besoin
Conception du contenu

Content design

  • - Research
  • - Production
  • - Adaptation/ location
  • - UX Design
  • - Editorial support


  • - Authentification
  • - SSO data
  • - Accommodation
  • - RGPD insurance


  • - Communication
  • - Usages development
  • - Monitoring of teachers’ communities
  • - Personalized support for establishements

A turnkey integration of our technology with yours :

  • - Fully dematerialized 'cloud' solution
  • - Versatile technological framework
  • - Configurable and adaptable
  • - Single sign-on 'SSO'
  • - AIPD / GDPR compliance for the education sector

Support and monitoring of classes :

  • - Training teachers in properly using the modules
  • - Presentation of the modules to participating establishments
  • - Monitoring of product use and changes in uses
  • - Daily monitoring of the after-sales service

In their words

Projet Adaptiv'Math Projet Adaptiv'Math

« The brains of every child in the world are different, but operate according to certain universal principles. This is the first lesson of cognitive science. The second is that by bringing them to light, as we are beginning to do, we can create educational modules adapted to the needs of every individual at each stage of their development. »

Daniel Andler - Mathematician and philosopher of science.
Member of the Academy of Moral and Political Sciences.